Flookan is an initiative led by Zenna Tagney, a local Artist working in ceramic sculpture, with strong links to the history and heritage of Cornwall and it's industries.

Since 2020 Zenna has worked on the Brickfield Project alongside Bobi McFadzean - an Artist and Potter; under the guidance of Rosanna Martin, Brickfields Lead Artist & Katie Bunnell, a Curator and Artist; to run community engagement programs that bring to light Cornwall's rich history of brickmaking, through workshops and field trips, utilising the waste material left behind in these altered landscapes.

It is the experiences of this project that led to Flookan, a community eager to connect with the materials that make up their lived environment and a need for a space to create.

Set within St Austell's historic Market House, Flookan opened it's doors in November 2021. Since then, it has accrued a community of talented makers and artists, and welcomed many through it's doors. Flookan continues to grow and share it's facilities through a variety of offerings, which you can read more about on Our Services page.

Artists in Residence

Zenna Tagney

You can find Zenna's work here. Zenna works mostly with figurative ceramics, inspired by folklore, landscape and connections to place. You may have spotted her 'Buccawidden' piskies on display at Wheal Martyn and in and around St Austell town. Zenna enjoys working collaboratively and in a community focused way and has done this through a variety of arts programs; to include her invaluable work on the Brickfield Project where she loves helping people in brickmaking and firing the Beehive kiln on site.

Bobi McFadzean

Bobi is the maker behind Bohome, a self taught Potter who's work predominantly explores everyday life through the medium of clay, using natural tones and exposed clay body's as her preferred aesthetic. Creating pieces that are tactile and simple in form and using the natural and organic to inform her work. She continues to explore the craft and develop her processes and ideas. Bobi also works on the Brickfield Project, firing wood kilns in the wild, getting messy with clay and making bricks with lovely people.

Holly Andrews

Holly is an incredible illustrator, which comes through in her complex and characterful ceramic pieces, working predominantly with stoneware and hand building techniques, she creates thoughtful texture and smooth surfaces. Her work evokes emotion and every piece has a little magic. You can find Holly's work here. A mighty hand with an axe and champion clay siever, Holly also supports on the Brickfield project.

Lynn Simms

Lynn is a familiar face to many in the local area as she taught Art at Fowey Community College, inspiring vast numbers of students in their creative journeys, including Zenna & Bobi! Lynn is a wonderful musician, Mayor of Fowey and a wonderful printmaker and ceramic Artist. Lynn describes her work as abstract, with a focus on composition, materials and actions. Exploring the boundaries of her work and making the piece as much about the process as the finished object. Building layers and textures, the creative journey is a choreography, performance, an improvisation.

Miki Rose

Miki is a designer by day and ceramics enthusiast by night. First exploring ceramics during her Contemporary Craft and Design course at university; whilst this was a small part of her course it is something she very much enjoyed and she has joined Flookan to explore this further as a medium to express herself. Miki loves the tactility of ceramics and is exploring the clay processes. As a surface and card designer, Miki is talented in her application of colour and pattern to enhance the forms she creates. You can see more of Miki's journey here.

Hilary Bunting

Hilary is Flookan's newest resident and flourishing potter. With a background in Art and Design and an abundance of talent, Hilary is moving her craft forward rapidly; initially enrolling on our introductory course where she immediately took to the wheel. She has since completed an intensive course with Leach pottery in St Ives, throwing herself into throwing pots (no pun intended!). She continues to develop her knowledge and hone her skills alongside her fellow potters. Hilary's passion for wild swimming and commitment to getting in the water every day is something that greatly influences her work.